Spring, 2019      The Wizard of OZ


Summer, 2019

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    Fall, 2019

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Fall, 2019      Tales from the Campfire

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Winter, 2019       What About Mrs. Claus?

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Fall, 2020   Romeo & Juliet 

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 Winter, 2020  Gift of the Magi and Her Christmas Hat


HEADSHOT - Susi Cantley - Dec, 2020.jpg
HEADSHOT - Jacob Clements - Sept, 2020.jpg
HEADSHOT - Shelly Faye - Nov, 2021.jpg
HEADSHOT - Jamie Smoot - Nov, 2021.jpg
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HEADSHOT - Jeannie Wilkinson - Nov, 2021.jpg
HEADSHOT - Casey Woods - Nov, 2021.jpg

 Winter, 2020           Alice in Wonderland


Spring, 2021           All in the Timing


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Spring, 2021           Treasure Island, the Musical


Treasure Island Promo 1.jpg
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TI - A Pack of Pirates.jpg
TI - Steering the Ship.jpg
TI - Rock, Paper, Scissors.jpg

Summer, 2021      Jack and the Shape-Shifters


SHAPE SHIFTERS - Abby Berry.jpg
SHAPE SHIFTERS - Charity Rock.jpg
SHAPE SHIFTERS - Kirsten Rock.jpg
SHAPE SHIFTERS - Animals on the Island.jpg
SHAPE SHIFTERS - Jett Smith-Odell.jpg
SHAPE SHIFTERS - Paige Workman.jpg

Book, Music, Lyrics by RICHARD O'BRIEN

  Fall, 2021      The Rocky Horror Show    


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Narrator 2.jpg
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Columbia and Eddie 1.jpg
Riff Raff and Magenta 1.jpg

Fall, 2021     The Viewing Room


PROMO - Viewing Room - Chester and Florence dancing.jpg
PROMO - Viewing Room - Can you see him - Chester, Matthew, Funeral Director.jpg

Winter, 2021     The Christmas Angel


SHAPE SHIFTERS - Kirsten Rock.jpg
HEADSHOT - Madison McCloud - Dec, 2021.jpg
SHAPE SHIFTERS - Abby Berry.jpg
HEADSHOT - Hayden Maynor - Mar, 2022.jpg
ROCKY HEADSHOT - Savannah Green.jpg
Christmas Angel.jpg
HEADSHOT - Brandi Belcher - Dec, 2021.jpg
HEADSHOT - Elijah Schoolcraft - Dec, 2020.jpg
HEADSHOT - Olivia Browning - Dec, 2021.jpg
HEADSHOT - Jaidyn Schoolcraft - Dec, 2020.jpg

Winter, 2021     It's a Wonderful Life


HEADSHOT - Danette Workman - Dec, 2021.jpg
HEADSHOT - Jeannie Wilkinson - Nov, 2021.jpg
ROCKY HEADSHOT - Brittany Wallace.jpg
HEADSHOT - Brett Smith - Dec, 2021.jpg
HEADSHOT - Kaitlyn Browning - Nov, 2021.jpg
HEADSHOT - Shelly Faye - Nov, 2021.jpg
HEADSHOT - Jamie Smoot - Nov, 2021.jpg
SHAPE SHIFTERS - Paige Workman.jpg

Spring, 2022     And Then There Were None


CHRISTIE Pix - Armstrong and Williams.jpg
CHRISTIE Pix - Marston.jpg
Christie Pix - MacKenzie.jpg
CHRISTIE Pix - Blore and Wargrave.jpg
And Then ... Logo.jpg
CHRISTIE Pix - Williams and Rogers.jpg
CHRISTIE Pix - Lombard.jpg
CHRISTIE Pix - Claythorne.jpg
CHRISTIE Pix - Brent.jpg

Spring, 2022     Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast Cast Photo 1.jpg
BEAST - Maddy's Poster.png
Beauty and the Beast 13.jpg
Beauty and the Beast 1.jpg
Beauty and the Beast 8.jpg
Beauty and the Beast 7.jpg
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Spring, 2022  The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)


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