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* You will be asked to read from the script.

* You may prepare a monologue if you like - it would be greatly appreciated!


* We understand that everyone is juggling rehearsal with other commitments, so we     

  will work around conflicts, as long as we know them in advance.

* Appointments are not necessary to audition. Feel free to come in anytime during the



Contact Cathy (681) 264-0776 if you have any questions or concerns. 

LOGO - 13th Day of Xmas.jpg

On the 13th Day of Christmas


Dwayne Yancy

AUDITIONS: Mon, Wed 09/25,09/27 - 9am-9pm

REHEARSALS: 10/02-11/30 - M,W, - 6-9pm 


CAST  (5f, 8any = 13) - BREAKDOWN


VERONICA                            (F) a frantic young woman who has just been given all the gifts from

                                                the song “The 12 Days of Christmas”


CEE CEE                                (F) a spinster neighbor with an attitude


DEE DEE                                (F) her sister, who also has an attitude

MAID-A-MILKING                 (F) one of the 8 from the song


ASHLEY                                 (F) a bouncy, bubbly TV Reporter, Channel 1

BRIDGETTE/BRANDON      (ANY) Veronica’s calm, cool and collected roommate


POLICE OFFICER                 (ANY)

MR/MS RUDOLPH                (ANY) a neighbor who just wants to sleep

CAMERA 1 (MICKEY)           (ANY) Channel 1


NICKY                                     (ANY) Serious, hard-hitting TV reporter, Channel 2


CAMERA 2 (ANDY)               (ANY) Channel 2


MARVIN/MARILYN               (ANY) the maintenance worker


Mr/Ms HENDERSON           (ANY) an older wo/man who is devoted to his/her cat, Pookums

*** All dates and titles are subject to change ***

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