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Improve Literacy!      HAVE FUN!    Overcome social anxiety!

Inclusively open to all, regardless of ethnicity, disability, or gender identity.

There is no charge to participate.  

   Mountain Roots Kids    

(Ages 7-17)

 REHEARSALS: 03/07-5/11 - T,Th - 6-8pm 

PERFORMANCES:5/19-21-Fri, Sat 7pm, Sun 2pm

LOGO - OZ.jpg

REHEARSALS: 8/15-10/12 - T,Th - 6-8pm 

PERFORMANCES:10/13-15-Fri, Sat 7pm, Sun 2pm

REHEARSALS: 11/07-12/14 - T,Th - 6-8pm 

PERFORMANCES:12/15-17-Fri, Sat 7pm, Sun 2pm

*** All dates and titles are subject to change ***

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